Desert X Cam Belt Mud Protector

Manufacturer: Muller Motorsport
  • Muller Motorsport introduces a simple and effective protection solution for the Ducati Desert X front camshaft belt cover.
  • Cam belt is still able to breathe there is a gap between the cover and our mud protector.
SKU: DDX-CamBeltProtector
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Ducati created the camshaft belt covers to protect the belts and gears while allowing for cooling and ventilation but only use a sponge material to prevent anything from entering the front facing opening. Unfortunately, this sponge barely protects from general dust but certainly not water and mud which can be very damaging to the camshaft belts, causing premature wear. A simple but elegantly engineered guard that prevents water ingress while still allowing ventilation for the belts is now available directly from Muller Motorsport. 

Made from durable material and guaranteed for life, it is precisely what you can expect from Muller Motorsport. No fancy shiny gimmicks; Muller Motorsport brings you functional solutions to improve your ride and protect it from the elements for the right price. All black design matches the camshaft belt cover perfectly and blends in but can be produced in other colours upon request.


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It seems that Ducati fixed this issue on latter models of this bike, please check your fender if it already has those ears to cover forks you most likely don't need it, but we cannot be sure, as we have not been able to get our hands on the new fender.

Even if Ducati fixed this issue, our product can be an additional protection, to keep mud from your fork seals.

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The price you see, is final for all orders, no additional taxes applied to this product.

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These footpegs will make you a better rider.

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